Aquaslot Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits of Aquaslot

Our standard system offers a comprehensive slot drain solution, complete with options for middle or side slots, decorative covers, and lifting keys. Plus, with our lowest price guarantee, you can enjoy premium quality without breaking the bank.

  • Simple Slide & Lock Covers

    With Aquaslot, maintenance becomes a breeze. Our innovative slide and lock covers ensure effortless removal and replacement, facilitating easy access to the drainage system whenever needed.

  • Decorative & Simple

    Crafted to perfection with the highest quality materials, Aquaslot's slot drain system and covers add a touch of sophistication to any landscape. Designed and manufactured in the UK, they exemplify durability and style.

  • Heel Proof Design

    Safety is paramount, which is why our slot drain patterns and designs are meticulously engineered to provide a heel-proof solution. Walk over with confidence, knowing that Aquaslot prioritises your well-being.

  • Bespoke Options

    Tailor your drainage system to suit your unique requirements with our bespoke options. From customized cover finishes to lengths and corner sections, Aquaslot offers flexibility and support every step of the way.

  • LED Slot Lighting

    Illuminate your landscape with our LED slot lighting solutions. With dimming drivers ranging from 50W to 320W, waterproof features, and simple installation, enhance both the functionality and ambiance of your outdoor space effortlessly.